Saturday, November 29, 2008

Car Service at Toyota Service Centre, Plentong, Johor Bahru (JB)

The is my first experience at this service centre. The centre is managed by Mutiara Motors.

My wife did a booking at 9am today. After I parked my car and stepped in to their reception, they welcomed me with a smile and they knew I was coming for servicing for my car with the correct plate number. She must have observed me while I was parking outside.

Facilities here are not bad:
- Free Internet Surfing, only 1 PC available.
- Free WiFi
- Free drinks, e.g. Milo, Coffee. It is from the vending machine
- Free breakfast, I took Mee Siam
- Comfortable Seats
- Nice toilet, haha
- TV, Free News Paper Reading (Chinese paper also included)
- Take your own sweet time to view their available models at the display room
- Free transport to Giant and Tesco Extra (during lunch time)

Overall experience not bad.

But this servicing really cost me a lot of $$$$$.


Anonymous said...

can i ask the toyota vios , Not tied to the seat belt will not bright red but now what is the problem &Not into four degrees is not broken .can you email for me

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