Friday, June 11, 2010

Jabatan Imigresen Pekan Rabu, Johor Bahru - New Passport

I can't remember if i posted this before, just post it again to share my experience at Pekan Rabu.

Last month, i applied my kid's passport at Jabatan Imigresen Pekan Rabu on one of the Saturday. The opening time is from 8.00am to 1.00pm (Sunday also open). Beware that they might close without notice.

Reached there at about 8.15am, nobody was queuing! I have prepared my form (downloaded from Internet) in advance, but the officer told me to refill another original form (Internet form is in black and white), could not understand the logic behind, why need to refill?? Waste my time and waste your paper! I have no choice but refilled. Get my photostated IC at the sundry shop there, as i forgot to bring mine.

Go 3rd floor, I saw many people already waiting for their queue number there. My queue was called at about 10.00am (impressive fast!) and they told me the passport would be ready by 11.15am. The whole process from taking queue number to collecting passport is about 3 hours, good!

I think this is a big imporovement of our immigration department. Expect further improvement to make our rakyat happy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stanley

Read your blog bout the immigration in pekan rabu. Thanks for the info, i need to renew my passport URGENTLY. At least now i really believe i can get my passport done in 1 day.

By the way, do you have any relative staying in Seremban or Kuala Pilah (N.Sembilan)? It's ok if you don't want to answer me. I'm just curious.

Thanks again.
Caren Kuan

Stanley Kuan said...

Not really.

Anonymous said...

Stanley, needing some of your know-how to navigate the embarrassing state of online information from the Malaysian Immigration website for their own citizens regarding simple things like passport renewal. I know this gap is addressed by the good souls like yourselves and so many other online posts by various persons & unofficial sites (putting the official sites to SHAME) sharing their experiences and augmenting dealing with our own government passport offices and the myriad of different experiences encountered at different offices in KL, Johor and in Singapore. Yes the have made some sporadic advances in speeding up the turnaround of services but finding a comprehensive source of official information that cannot be second guessed and full guidelines for a citizen to make informed decisions is pale in comparison to the information available from immigration departments of other countries. *Sigh* just looking at the official site itself inspires little if any confidence to the information within as there are contradictions after contradictions between FAQ pages and main pages. I even tried calling the offices but doesn't even connect.

Would you so kindly advise the closest and surest passport renewal Johor branch (my case is straight forward new book due to passport validity expiring) to the causeway that can turnaround renewals within the day? From cross referencing the list of Johor branches and maps it would be the Johor Bahru office in Jalan Ayer Molek (very central). What about this Pekan Rabu office - does it follow the official opening times and will turnaround within the day? What is the story regarding quotas? The official opening times for weekday is 7.30am - do I have to go to the extreme of queuing at 6.30am?? Due to quotas and demand for each office location, should I seriously consider Pekan Rabu over Johor Bahru? As I am travelling anyway and can stop in Singapore/Johor/Selangor, if the queuing is bad given the number of citizens living in Johor and travelling/working in Singapore, I may even opt to try our luck with the KIPPAS renewal kiosk at Subang Terminal 2 branch. What would you advise?

Thanks in advance for all your sharing - you have done more for the netizens than the official site has. What a shame not to pick up their game!

Loren Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish to renew my passport on you have any idea the immigration office at Setia tropica in open on Sunday? Do I able to get my passport ready on the same day if I go early?

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